The context is cheapness!

McDonald’s Advice To Underpaid Employees: Sell Your Christmas Presents For Cash by Adam Peck Tis the season for holiday spirit: Yule logs, egg nog, festive lights and exchanging gifts with loved ones. If you work for McDonald’s, though, be sure to save those receipts. McDonald’s McResource Line, a dedicated website run by the world’s largest…

Dr. Anitra Nelson talks about Life without Money

Transcript of an interview with Kéllia Ramares-Watson Introduction Many progressives, in the United States and internationally, see the creation of more jobs at middle class wages as the antidote to the growing inequality that favors the world’s 1% while making lives of the 99% more precarious and miserable. There is a small but growing group…


I’m editing a chapter of my book involving what I think should be some of the core values of a demonetized society . What kinds of behaviors and beliefs do you think are essential to a successfully demonetized society?

Redefining why and how we work

Alternet has published an article by Steven Rosenfeld about a Gallup poll indicating that 70% of American workers are emotionally disconnected from their work and another 18% are actively disengaged meaning that they sabotage their co0workers and managers. Rosenfeld wrote, “It’s zombieland out there for the American workforce.” According to the article,