The Wisdom of Vandana Shiva

In an interview with Sarah van Gelder that was published in Yes! Magazine, Dr. Shiva said:

There is no price to seed, which is why the commodification of seed is such an outrage. Every culture that I’ve come across believes that destroying seed is the ultimate sin. Communities have starved to death rather than eat the seed grain.

Life is self-organized. Self-organized systems evolve in diversity. You
are not identical to me, because each of us has evolved in freedom. The self-organizing capacity of life is expressed in diversity. Diversity of culture, diversity of humans, diversity of seeds.

Uniformity is constructed from the outside. It is coercive. So a farm of only Roundup Ready soya is actually a battlefield. Chemical warfare is going
on—spraying of Roundup to kill everything green, to kill the soil organisms,
to kill the diversity, but also to kill the potential of the crop to manage itself
and diseases.

Monocultures can only be held together through external control, and
uniformity and external control and concentration go hand in hand.

Read the whole interview here.

[Photograph by Manfred Werner – Tsui. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]


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