I’m editing a chapter of my book involving what I think should be some of the core values of a demonetized society . What kinds of behaviors and beliefs do you think are essential to a successfully demonetized society?

Redefining why and how we work

Alternet has published an article by Steven Rosenfeld about a Gallup poll indicating that 70% of American workers are emotionally disconnected from their work and another 18% are actively disengaged meaning that they sabotage their co0workers and managers. Rosenfeld wrote, “It’s zombieland out there for the American workforce.” According to the article,

Money, Investments & Animal Welfare

CNN recently published an op-ed by Mark Quarterman, research director of the Enough Project, a project of the Center for American Progress to end genocide and crimes against humanity. That began thusly: The accelerating pace of the slaughter of elephants for their tusks has put African elephants at catastrophic risk in the coming decades. To…